Energy Service Company

An Energy Services Company (ESC) is nothing other than a company that over a period of time (normally 10 years) and without any investment by the Customer, will take to performing the facility needed to meet and satisfy energy needs of the customer with biomass, or restructuring existing facility to convert it to biomass diesel, the supply of biofuels and maintenance of the facility; by selling only the energy actually obtained at a price previously agreed and guaranteed.

The customer buys only the energy already transformed.

Therefore, customer will not need to make any initial investment, which will be borne by the ESC. There will not worry about the operation or maintenance of machinery, biofuels supply , or moisture would have this biofuel at any time (which will go directly related to energy capacity provided by this biofuel). You only pay for the supplied fuel.

How is this Service formalized?

To shape the service agreement between the customer and the ESC, should be signed an integral purchase contract of energy and maintenance of the facilities energy consumption (EPC1), which are the legal instrument through which signed the power user and ESC agree on the technical and economic conditions in which they are made.

The EPCs come to behave like a contract of outsourcing savings and energy efficiency, where the ESC assumes the responsibility to provide certain results. This is the way to ensure reliably, a certain energy savings.

Characteristics of the EPC:

Despite the diversity of types of EPC, they all share some common features/ characteristics listed below:

  • Long-term contract.
  • A line efficient energetic is defined, from which effectiveness is measured EPC. Usually through a guaranteed price of energy.
  • Operational risk is borne entirely by the ESC.
  • o The main advantage of the EPC is that full responsibility not only of the launch, if not the effectiveness of certain measures of efficiency and energy saving, is fully assumed by the ESC. The property is free from any setback in this regard.

In order to provide a first approximation of the economic benefits, that your company can assume this form of supply of natural thermal energy, only we will require 2 data: fuel currently used for thermal energy production and monthly consumption over the last annuity.

With these simple data and without major inconvenience to your organization, we will be able to send a first approach on economic savings on fuel costs, from which you can benefit.

If you are interested you can contact our subsidiary, Técnica y naturaleza en biomasa, SL, through the contact form on web and will be informed in more detail.

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