Maderas Doñana

Pellets factory in Huelva

Maderas Doñana (Woods Doñana) is located in Hinojos (Huelva), environmental enclave where there is the raw material pellet, which makes the product competitive. In this enclave we add its proximity to the port of Huelva, which is another attraction with which account this area, because the product becomes an important international projection.

Maderas Doñana is today the most important factory of pine pellet in Andalusia, where an integrated process of wood is done in our facilities, trunks are peeled, then sawdust small caliber is made, being dried to give the product a degree of moisture essential and main to manufacture pellet, later the bulk gets into sacks and palletized for marketing.

  • Job creation: since the wood is cut in the bush, sorting and selection, transfer by truck to our facilities and the start of the manufacturing process, including direct and indirect jobs are well over forty workers.
  • Sustainability: our entire production process, the selection of the wood is basic, at any participating farms we provide it, in order to begin the short, had to first pass through a project management of forests and subsequently approved and permission from forest officials, also in our dryer use forest residues both pruning parks municipalities and gardens, remains of production processes such as leaf olive and forest remnants of the mountains helping to keep clean and reduce dreaded fire.
  • Business development in rural areas, we firmly believe that the resources of the municipalities have to generate wealth within the municipality and its surroundings, our idea is that the whole process takes place here in Hinojos and only when the product has added value for perfect marketing is when you send the market.

In terms of figures, this project has an investment of more than two million euros, aims to annually produce between 10 and 15 million kilos of pellet, supplying all Western Andalusia.