Facilities and production capacities

Pellets factory - Solid Biofuel

Maderas Doñana is located in Hinojos (Huelva), on a plot of 20,000 m2 and 2,000 m2 of storageroom.

Potential production is 10,000 tons of wood pellets to be obtained from 25,000 tons of forest residues, obtained from cleaning and cutting down the pine forests of the annual annual environment.

Our pellet production will avoid the emission of 12.280 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually, as if withdrawn from circulation about 5.000 vehicles.

The production process begins with the stored raw material supplied by the different providers. Then the wood goes through different lines to the end product.

Debarking line

Removing the bark of the woods. With this process we obtain a lower ash generation when burning the pellet.
These barks are subsequently used as solid fuel for drying oven.

Line splintered and obtaining sawdust

Wood peeled pass by machine to obtaining sawdust, achieving an optimum product. This wet sawdust passes to hopper for being drying.

Line thermal drying at low temperature

Once in the dryer, the wet sawdust is subjected to a drying process at low temperatures to achieve the desired humidity level. The dry and clean sawdust goes through a refiner to make the product suitable for palletizing.

Pelletizing line

The clean dry sawdust passes pelletizing line. In this line sawdust it is subjected to high pressures and together with the lignin of wood forms the cylinder, constituting the pellet.

Once the pellet leave the pelletizing line, passes to a cooling process for further storage. Part of the product is intended for wholesale customers and stay in the bulk hopper and the other part of the product goes to the bagging and packaging line for retail customers in bags of 15kg.

Product packaging line

In this line, the pellet is packed in bags of 15 kg. Once packed in bags are palletized to optimize transport at a rate of 77 bags per pallet.