Production and sale of pine wood pellets

Hinojos (Huelva) and Western Andalusia

    • Biomass forest

      We use forest biomass for the production of our wood pellets, contributing to the maintenance and protection of our natural environment.

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    • Pellet as fuel

      Because of its shape and high density is a fuel clean, odorless, easily transport and storage.

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    • Pine Wood Pellets

      We use pine wood for being the one that contributes more to the calorific pellet as a fuel.

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Formats sale pellets

Pellets con calidad Certificada por En Plus

  • Advantages of using pellets

    • The cost is cheaper than other fossil fuels production
      as it is a by-product or waste from other activities such as logging and pruning.
    • Stable price
      unlike other fuels that depend on international markets.
    • Do not increase the greenhouse effect, unlike fossil fuels
      CO2 emissions resulting from combustion are offset by those absorbed by the tree during its life cycle
    • Ease of storage and transport
      due to its shape and high density.
    • They have high durability
      maintaining its quality fully if it keeps dry and well packed.
    • Son limpios y libres de gérmenes
      do not produce fumes or gases harmful for health wherewith it can be burned in densely populated areas.
  • Uses of Pellet as a fuel

    • Residential use
      Getting of heating and hot health water for facilities since family homes to neighboring communities, businesses, offices, shops and hotels.

      • Boilers
      • Stoves
    • Industrial use
      With several applications

      • Furnaces for bakeries.
      • Heating of greenhouses.
      • Heating of farm animals: hens, rabbits, pigs, etc.


Bunkering services biomass fuel

  • Long-term contracts

    Assuring the power supply for an extended period of time.

  • Operational risk is assumed by the ESC

    The Energy Services Company (ESC) will take care of making the necessary installation, modification of the customer current facility and maintaining.

  • The customer only pays for the fuel

    At a more economical and stable prices than other fossil fuel.

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¡¡come on, move to wood pellets as fuel!

A clean and cheap energy that improves our environment